i have one font converter software which converts windows fonts to mac fonts.
so when i convert some adobe fonts from windows machine to mac version it gets converted with extension .bin. & when i open this font on mac machine it doesnt open . i am very new user to MAC operating system. please tell me wether the converted fonts are correct .

also please tell me the exact location to install fonts in Apple Mac OS X v10.4 as how in windows ( controll panel --> fonts) .

Thank you

You don't need to convert them; Mac OS X can read Windows fonts. Just copy the files over and then double-click to install.


i am working on MAC pc (mac os X) on indesign application , so whenever i an opening a file it is showing some fonts missing as i have taken that file from windows machine . & the fonts missing are adobe fonts ( for eg. stone sans) which is not opening in mac pc , only mac pc opens .ttf or .otf from windows machine. then i used a trans pro type font converter software to convert thos adobe fonts to mac fonts , it get saved with extension .bin ; again i tried to open these converted fonts in mac but its not opening please give me any solution to overcome from this problem

Thank You

What's the extension of the fonts that you are trying to transfer to Mac?

.pfm or .pbf

Ah, those fonts are special because they're Adobe Postscript fonts, which require Adobe Type Manager. Unfortunately Adobe didn't release ATM for Mac OS X (although ATM was available on Mac before OS X).

Thankfully you can convert them to OpenType or TrueType with the help of FontForge (there are commercial solutions as well). Here's a more detailed guide, never tried it myself though:

Apparently you can also use Adobe Postscript fonts directly in Indesign if you copy them to Indesign's font folder. That would mean that only Indesign could use them, though.

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