I'm not sure I fully understand RAM requirements. I'm wanting to buy a Mac Mini with 1GB RAM which seems quite enough for most of the applications I want to run. But OS X requires 512MB RAM, Neo Office 512MB and if I want iTunes running at the same time that would appear to be another 512MB. Total 1.5GB for not much in the way of applications. Or am I looking at it wrong? Can someone please explain?

Hey Mike, I think you are confusing the recommended RAM with how much RAM an application actually uses. The recommended RAM already factors in how much RAM the operating system is going to be using. So itunes will recommend 512MB to give room for the operating system and the application. I suppose this is to keep the users from having to add it up themselves.

So you should be fine with 1 gig, but I would recommend 2 gig if you can afford it. This is to help multitasking and such. Or you can always upgrade later to 2 gig if you decide you need it.

Thanks for that. Do you happen to know whether OS 10.5 requires more RAM than XP Home or vice versa?

No I don't know which uses more RAM. google should know though :)