I have Windows Live on my Mac but for some reason today, when I send a message I get a message that messenger cannot deliver the message.

I can't find any resources for this on the Microsoft web. I'm also a bit confused over the difference between Windows live and Messenger 7. ARe they the same program?

I have a MacBook Pro on an Intel processor running system 10.5.7.

I have a Messenger log file, but I can't make heads or tails of the results. After sending a message that results in an error message, I get an NAK 21 or NAK 25 result (arrow points to left). This is followed by a PNG (arrow pointing to right). Does anyone have an idea on how to resolve this?

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Just to update, the problem has temporarily resolved. I don't know if the problem is mac specific, network specific, or isp specific. I do know that another person on my network had a similar problem yesterday using messenger for Windows.

I'm still interested in ideas. I'll keep this post current as the problem evolves. If I find more information, I'll post that as well.


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