From my G3 I can see my Windows XP shares, and my Windows XP shared Printer is set up, but when I attempt to print from my G3 I get one line of gibberish. The following is the output of the gibberish:

%! PS - Adobe - 3.0 %RBINumCopies : 1 %%Pages: (atend) %APL_DSC_Encoding: UTF8 %%Title: (T

What do you think this is, and how do I fix it?

Nevermind, I figured it out.

When I installed the printer, I installed it with Generic drivers. I removed it using the Printer Setup Utility and reinstalled it, but THIS time I chose specific HP Printer Drivers. Now it prints beautifully and my Windows Network and my Mac love each other. I'm new to OS X but the learning curve is shorter than I thought. I'm sure I'll have questions about something else soon, like the saying goes- "I'll be back".....

Congrats. I too have my Windows XP and Panther machines talking to each other.

That is excellent,

I read in another post about all your cool machines. 23" Cinema display/G5, P4 3GHz, P3 Laptop you don't even use and an iMac?? Are you independently wealthy or what? Either that, or you've got a high paying job while also being a college student. Either way, I congradulate you on your Super Cool site, being a Super Cool Tech, and having Super Cool Gear. If the site rules allow me to complement you on appearance, then I'll add that in addition to being intelligent, creative, and an obviously knowledgeable tech, you get extra points for having a Powermac G5 and being cute.

Mine is nowhere near as elaborate. I have a Powermac G3 B&W Running Panther (Planning Upgrades including Serial ATA PCI Controller card/HDD, Increased RAM, Processor Swap<G3 800>, and Radeon Mac Edition Vid card) A custom P4 that is much slower than yours, and an aging Dell P2 Laptop that is being replaced with an iBook G4 in 2004. I don't have Mac envy or PC envy, because alot of people have faster and newer hardware, but I DO have Screen envy. Those Apple Cinema displays are soooooo sweet.... but the largest one I could fit on my desk is the 17. I'm running out of desk space....