So i have been cleaning out my 160 gig drive on my black mac book because i was getting dangerously close to full. i was also trying to address why the computer was running dirt slow. Several issues were causing it to run slow and now it is running great but i have a new issue.

I cleaned up over 40 gigs and took most of my two account on the computer down to near no data and i still am showing 115 gigs used. i tried tracking down any offending over large files but with "Get Info" i could never find more than 60 gigs of actual data not 115 gigs. i downloaded disk inventory x hoping it would show me that i was just missing something but it to only found 60 gigs of files on the computer.

In fixing my slowness issues i ran disk repair and permission repair, they fixed alot of issues and now both show green and no problems. I really dont want to have to reinstall the OS any ideas?

Firstly make sure you've emptied your trash. Until you've done this it won't recover your space.

Space used by another user logon may not be shown under Disk Inventory.

Also Temporary or Swap Files (Virtual Memory) won't be shown. if you have a few programs open that could be a few Gigs.