Hi All,

Short & quick:
PowerBook G4 w/OS 9.2 & 10.4(? - upgraded from 10.0) won't boot up after aborted browser install.

The details:
My sister was trying to upgrade Netscape Navigator 4.7 to 8.1 on her OS 9.2 (she is running a dual boot OS 9.2/10.4(?) PowerBook G4 (15" screen, unknown GHz/MHz, but I am attempting to track that info down). The system locked up and after awhile she powered down the totally unresponsive system.

Unfortunately I wasn't around to advise her before/during/after the upgrade attempt.

Now, on attempting to boot up, all she is getting is a question mark GUI prompt - obviously alerting the user to the inability of the PowerBook to initiate a bootable OS.

The request:
Any suggestions on appropriate course(s) of action to get the system up & running would be greatly appreciated.


Use DiskWarrior. That's my answer to everything.

Use DiskWarrior. That's my answer to everything.

OK, that's possibly a life saving solution (not mine!), but at $99 plus I'd like to pursue a lower cost alternative(s) first! :eek:

Steps I've taken so far (which, are admittedly, just the basics), all of which have failed:

1st) Ctrl+Command+Option (initiated at GUI question mark prompt)

2nd) Command+Option+P+R (initiated at end of first beep tones & held until second set of beep tones started)

3rd) Reset PMU (disconnected all peripherals, A/C adapter & removed battery {which has a full 4-LED charge}, held power button for 5 seconds, reconnected A/C adapter & re-installed battery; left peripherals disconnected)


PS: just found DiskWarrior @ CampusTech for $74.65 plus, which is about the cost of an Apple Support ticket, but, I'm still open to possible alternatives if anyone has them.

Thanks cscgal on the DiskWarrior suggestion, it sounds like something my sister should get regardless! :)

Use DiskWarrior. That's my answer to everything.

I've been looking at Alsoft's DiskWarrior page, and while the current version of 3.0 needs to boot up to 10.x and be installed, it does come with version 2.1 - but it also needs to be able to boot up to OS 8.1+, unless I'm reading something wrong. :confused:

Use DiskWarrior. That's my answer to everything.

Hi cscgal,

First, I'd like to thank you very much for such a timely reply - that's the fastest I've ever gotten a reply from any website forum post I've ever made :!: :!: :!: Sorry I didn't notice that right off - I was feeling my sister's STRESS at the time, which I'm sure you can understand! :)

Now, for the resolution: my sister decided to take her G4 up to the Apple Store (about a 90 minute drive to the North of town), and they advised her that the harddrive was shot and that there was no sense in running the DiskWarrior software. She's not sure if she's going to get another Mac at this point or jump to the "Dark Side" and get a PC - my hunch is that she'll get a Mac - at least that's what I'm going to advise! ;)

Well, thanks again for the quick-as-heck reply! :D:


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