My fiancees' computer is running Mac OS X 10.4.6 (I think)..her MSN e-mail is sending e-mails to her contact list with links to Canadian Drug websites. I've run clamxav numerous times and cant seem to get rid of it. Any help on where to find this pain in the rear and eradicate it would be of immense help (in the form of stress relief). Thanks!


Can her email account be accessed on the internet?
Is it Webmail?

If she can, change the password, someone my have the password for this account.
HINT: have a look at the time email was sent, if the computer which she's on is not switched on that would suggest that someone is using the account on another computer.

- Let us know how it goes

Thanks for your reply. It is MSN email, web based of course. The emails go out at various times but mostly around 0400 or 0500 AM eastern time and the machine is always on.


Best option is to change the password for the email service; Check again for malware. If this happens regularly shut down the machine before the emails are usually sent, if emails are still sent then someone is probably accessing the account on another machine.

- Let us know how it goes.

It does seem they were sent from another location. She (girlfriend) spoke to another IT guy who explained a whole different scenario that could be resolved by getting a new e-mail address - I've never seen this info any place on the web which I find puzzling to say the least. So far so good for the weekend and she hasn't taken action other than changing her password. I'll keep you updated.

Well no news is good news. Nothing sent as far as I can tell since the pw change. Issue solved for now!

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