I am working on Mac Lion and have learned in some tutorials that duplicates files in your system kill too much of free space and that (Lack of free space) could be one of the reasons of Slow performing Mac.

So, I want to know the tips to find duplicate files in Mac Lion and method to delete them.

Thanks in advance....

It depends on what duplicate files you want to find. Some system files are duplicated and essential in running your mac other can be caused by a software. Disk recovery softwares duplicate files and make them invisible. So when you accidentally delete a file it can recover it using the invisible duplicated copy. What type of files you want to delete? Cache, system files or user files?

The system files may be somehow important for machine but cache and duplicate user files are extremely useless. These must be deleted.

Ok. There are free softwares out there you can delete too. Try onyx or maintenance. They are by the same developer, click here . I also recommend you to use AppCleaner to uninstall your apps and not just simply trash it. If the softwares you want to remove and built in uninstall program use that one. AppCleaner helps to delete all folders and files related to that app. Hope this information helps:)

In Appcleaner, i don't find any option for duplicate files. I am still searching for a cleaner for Mac duplicate files

Thanks Jingda,

I will try these applications and will be back very soon

Good luck. And you can also go the macupdate.com and search for some softwares that remove duplicate files. The website hold the world largest mac software library.

Have you heard of a new duplicate finder for Mac OS X called Gemini? It is currently featured in Mac App Store, take a look at it too. Users say in reviews it is extremely beautiful and efficient, thus totally worth its money.:)

Or you can use this for free. I hate the app store.

If you want something that will also remove the duplicates let me know.

An update which includes deletion of the files from the second folder you choose.

how it works the apple gemini kindly instruct me its features?

Get Stellar Smart Finder utility to get rid of duplicate files.

Hi guys,

Also You can easily resolve your problem with >>>>> DuplicateFilesDeleter

so lets try it.


try DuplicateFilesDeleter program

Good program DuplicateFilesDeleter

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