There is a significant difference of the internet speed performance between my PoweerBook G4-Aluminum and my G4 MD Dual 867.
The type of my connection is DSL 512kbps.
Taken from the router via Ethernet.
It puzzles me since last year that the same connection performes as fast as it should be on my desktop only.
When I connect through the PowerBook, the speed and stability of the connection are very bad.
The settings and configuration in the router and the system preferences are also the same for both macs.
That makes me think that it is not the provider's fault but my system's.

What could it be?
I,ve tried different users in my PowerBook and changing preferences but no luck.
i don't even think that the cable need to be changed....otherwise the G4 MD would have a problem as well.

Any insights?
Thanx in advance


Are you 100% sure all the Network settings are the same?

At that time yes, I would say I'm positive about the settings.
The router doesn't need a driver, and it's configuration for both MD Dual and PB cannot be different.
And the system preferences are a straight forward proceedure.

I'm not a network expert. But I went through the settings of my router with the help of the tech-support of the service provider.
Could the PB be less compatible with my router?
Or even the ethernet connection on the PB being faulty?

Also it is not so optimistic the idea of the 100s posted problems on the net's forums that talk about network problems with the PB G4.
To me, it appears to be a hardware issue with the machine.
I have tried descent bandwiths (384kbps and 512) in the last two years and the situation remains as it is.

At the momment I'm speaking with some authorised apple services in the city (Athens) but to be honest don't look very promising.

Thanx for the reply
I would appreciate any idea about it.


Well, I have quite a few PB G4s that I support (and have supported) and never had this problem.

Since you're using the same cable, it's unlikely to be a cable problem (as you said). But when I asked if the setting were the same, I meant ALL the settings in the Network Location that you're using on the PB are EXACTLY the same in every respect as the Desktop?

Have you tried creating a new Location in the location manager and copying the settings from the Desktop into the new location and tried connecting again?

What version of OS X is this (on both) and are you up to date on the patches?


No I haven't tried creating a new location yet.
I'm using OS 10.3.9 on both machines.

I will let you know by the end of next week. It is easter now here so I'll be away from technology for a few days.

I really appreciate your help.
speak soon

try cocktail on your alu-book. optimize your network on the slow mac.
erase your caches. cookies etc.