hello dear friends I wnat to know hos is security involve under Mac OS especially security of the hardware

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The systems has nothing to do with the hardware other then perhaps encrypting the entire hard drive.

There is software that can help if the laptop is stolen like 'prey'.

There is software that can report on the health of the system, checking for disk problems etc...

What exactly are you looking to 'protect'?


Encryption refers to the process by which certain files, or the entire HArd drive is 'scrambled' so that the contents could not be read without the proper credentials.

MAC includes filevault for this. It does the job and is integrated into the OS. IF you lose the credentials, you cannot read the HD or its contents.

Truecrypt is an opensource alternative for that same purpose. If you are on MAC, look at filevault and understand what it will do before you activate it.

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