I used iDVD to create a DVD with menu that is perfect for the job.

Thing is, I can't seem to get a high res finished product.

I saved this as professional quality but the TS outcome lost some major quality.

I can't view it on a 1900 X 1640 res screen without it pixelating. I then tried to convert the project file through Roxio's Toast but it just isn't doing it.

I might consider to pay someone to simply create a high quality DVD out of my dvdproject file. I really can't afford to burn up anymore time with this.

Really appreciate any and all help regarding this issue...

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I don't know what the source resolution was, but remember that DVD's are mpeg2 encoded, and limited to 720x480 (US/NTSC) or 720x525 (Europe/PAL). In any case, you aren't providing enough information to tell you why it has lost quality. IE, if you have a HD source (1920x1080) and encode it for DVD, then you are losing a LOT of resolution. The difference is between 2M pixels (HD) and 350K pixels (DVD). IE, you lose about 5/6 of the data. What encoder you use to transcode from HD to mpeg2 makes a lot of difference. A good one will interpolate the data to give the best results possible - ffmpeg is great for this. I don't know what iDVD uses to transcode into an mpeg2 DVD format, but that is likely the cause of your issue.

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