I just bought osx Mountain Lion on my MacBook Air. The apple store guy said that if you buy a software with an apple ID that someone else is using, that person can get it for free. But when I bought my Mountain Lion on my MacBook Air my mother couldn't get for free.

Please Help me

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None of this is correct. Whichever account you use to purchase Mountain Lion will have it.

You can certainly sign into your mom's mac app store with your ID (if you purchased it), DL and load the OS if you want.

Yes, agreed and what I would do is make a USB key installer. CimmerianX is correct, as long as you made a purchase with your Apple ID. You can download and install to any laptop that can support the new OS X.

Oh ok, because I got it free for OSX Lion.

Sooo..... you good then?

yeah thx

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