glad to find a osx forum. im having trouble with downloading with osx tiger, it just started about a month ago. what will happen is that when i start to download, even from apple, it will close everything down and go back to my desktop, then the little window will open and ask if i want to reopen ro close aor send message to apple. i have two internal hard drives, one with tiger and the other with panther, i can restart from panther and download anything i want, but not from tiger. any ideas, thanks

Well, first of all, what web browser are you using? (Firefox, Safari, etc)

You also might want to try reinstalling the web browser if it's really giving you problems. And when you upgraded from Panther to Tiger, you may have had some upgrade issues.

It's crashing (whatever you're using to try and download), you should check the crashlog for clues as to why. Also, log in as another user and check to see if the problem happens there as well, or if the problem is relegated only to your normal user.