I can't see but to notice the increase of the quality of the ios apps and AAA games which are either made by big companies or small "indie like" offices,
I m a noob so please ...and thank you :
my first question is what is the diffrence between ios and android and what do java has to do with all of this ?
-what is the best thing to start learning now to reserve a place in the mobileApps world ?
_and is there any good refrences or tips and tutorials or tools so i can get started with ?

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Okay first of, there's a huge diference between Android and iOS.

Android is Google's little baby and are open source to a certain point. You are free to change the code for your needs and mod it in every possible way. Every person can freely submit apps to the Google Play store (the app store on Android) and you will get payed through Google Wallet (afaik) if your apps costs money and you actually sell it. The Apps is primarily coded in Java but HTML5 and even Python can be used too. Java is the recommended solution though.

iOS is Apple's view on how a mobile operating system should look like and there's a new update out in the next week. It was the first global mobile operating system which had an actual app store. Even though Android is closing up the app tore on iOS (simply called app store) is still the app store with most apps. I saw a study a few weeks ago that showed that you will in general earn more money on your apps on iOS than on Android since more people are buying it. The apps for iOS or primarily coded in Objective C and is the best solution for creating apps for iOS even though it is possible to create apps in HTML5 too. The only con on the app store is that you have to pay Apple to submit your apps to App store. I think it's around 100$ per year.

Reserve a place? Come up with an original idea and convince everyone that they can't live without your app and you got yourself a million dollar buisness. As for where to start you will have to decide in which direction you want to go. Do you want to create apps for Android or iOS?

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Thanks a lot for clearing stuff up and I think i choose ios since it operates more powerfull devices I think !!!
Thank you again

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