I've just had something go really wrong with word today. I have an ibook G4 and I'm running office for mac vX.

Basically I've gone something to the page formatting I think.

Every time I insert a table, into a page in portrait page view, if i set it to fixed width columns it's fine. BUT as soon as I ask the table to Auto fit to contents, the table completely ignores the right margin of the page and goes off the page into the never never.

What have I done to cause this? And how do I fix it. My Ph.D. write up is due on Friday (it's Wednesday night now) and I need to fix this asap. :sad:

I've removed office from my hard drive and done a completely new install of the programme from the discs and this didn't fix the problem.

Does anyone know how to fix this? Any thoughts, comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


I don't particulary understand your problem. Could you take a screenshot to elaborate? (Use spotlight>search for "Grab" > take selection or window). I don't know if this will help, but you could use Excel and then embed the tables into Word.
[Edit: I think I may know what is happening. You may have filled some of the columns/rows with white space, which would cause it to expand and "fit to contents", in this case, the "blank" contents, causing it to go "off of your screen". If this is not the problem, check the page set up - your margin may not be set correctly.]