Any significant problems with doing an upgrade from ME to XP? Can you just put the XP disk in and do an upgrade versus a fresh install? Or will I have to reinstall all my existing software once XP is loaded?

Or, should I spend the additional $ and buy the full blown version of XP and wipe the hard drive?


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We did this to my dads win98 pc circa 2003

Generally it should work fine but for some of your devices you will need to find new, XP compatible drivers from the makers website

if you get the upgrade version it will still give you the option of either wiping the HDD and installing a "clean" XP - no need to buy the full version

Thanks for the response. This is for a friend's computer who is a tax consultant. She bought this year's version of her tax software, only to find it is not compatiable with ME. If she has enough RAM and processing speed her computer may hold the XP, but I would still rather see a fresh install. But she doesn't want to go through setting up the internet, firewalls, spyware, AV and reloading all her old software and files. So maybe she'll try this first.

Have a grea week,

how much ram does she have? - any cpu above 900mhz should be ok (p3 at least prefarably)
dont install xp on 128mb ever it will be slow
256 is better
384 - 512 is good

Just did this using XP upgrade CD - worked just fine. Works okay with 256 RAM but faster with 512.

if you have low ram, tweak the services and use the win2k style theme with no wallpaper and turn off the welcome screen and use the NT style one

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