Hi there,
Last night my macbook powered down, and when it was restarted, the date and time was reset to 12/31/2000. The date was reset to the 27th (last night after midnight) even though it was the 28th. This morning I reset it to the 28th, and the document I was working on on the 27th is nowhere to be found! I'm not sure if I am explaining this well, but I know I saved it on the 27th, and there is nothing to show for it, as there are no documents coming up on MSword from that date. Any ideas? Time machine is now off, not sure if it was on prior to the shut down.

nice info

Set your time to automatic. This is in system preference->date & Time. Above the calander and clock is a checkbox to set date and time automatically.
MS word... I understood that everything was held on their cloud. I fortunally never bothered with MS anything. I would imagine that you could try and open recent and if the app saved it, It should be listed.

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