I have a dice and chips game that I devised I would like to create for the iPad. The only programming experience I have is with my TRS 80 over 25 years ago using basic. I need to create the play field with dice and chips and be able to show the movement of the chips. Once that is complete I need to be able to produce an artificial intelligence routine to play against human player. The algorithm for this part will be the most interesting I believe.

How should I start at this? I'm not really interested in becoming a well-rounded good programmer, I just want to get this project working. Perhaps there is an open source code for a backgammon game that I could take for my own use? What would be the best languages for me to try to take up? Is Java appropriate for this project?

Please be gentle with me :-)

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Objective-C would probably be the best bet for iPad.

Good luck learning programming ad-hoc.

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