i dont know how this has happened, but while i was working on my mac, suddenly i lost all my data on screen. even my dock, time all the right side icons have disapperared.
any idea how can i get it back ?

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Have you rebooted?
Do you backup via time machine?
Have you tried force quitting "Dock" and "Finder" through terminal ($ killall -9 Finder && killall -9 Dock)?

What OS X you runnig?
Did you try Recovery Mode? Press Hold Command + R before startup and run Disk Utility.

If you empty the Trash the files are gone. If a program does an immediate deletion rather than moving files to the Trash, then the files are gone. Data recovery is possible but you cannot process any additional writing operation to the hard drive but just shut your computer down. Actually when we delete files, the files themselves are not really erased-only the directory entries are deleted. The space which was occupied by the

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