Hello friends,
I am a new user for a mac and it seems to be slow as its opening time and also browsing a page.
At that time what should I do for this?

I am wondering for some wisefull tips that I recover this problem as soon as possible.

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The MAC OS is based on Linux and normally loads web pages as fast or faster than a comparable Windows system. In an system it will depend on the browser, processors, available memory and the stability of your network connection to access the internet. If you don't feel the CPU or memory are issues you can check the network performance with mtr (or WINMTR) which combines ping and trace route commands to check connection performance and packet loss.

You can get MTR for the MAC at:

You can get mtr for Windows (called winmtr) at the following site for comparason:

there is a terminal code u can enter to speed up ur wifi

It might be due to DNS prefetching problem.
There are 2 options to solve this problem.
1. Change your DNS service
2. Disable the DNS prefetching
If disabling the DNS prefetching, solve your issue, then main problem lie within your router.

Hello dears, I am greatfull for your tiips and hopefully that might be bring a positive result as well.

try type in a terminal code to speed up you wifi. google the code then enter it correctly, if its with caps-lock then do it. if u enter it wrong it wont work. that is a easy way to speed your wifi speed up. u can find terminal by using finder, it should be in the apps category

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