I have a problem trying to transfer files from my older Mac (OS 9.2) to my new Mac ( OS 10.3). I connected a crossover ethernet cable to both machines, then turned on AppleTalk and FileSharing on both machines. Mac Help says that's all you have to do. Obviuosly there is more to it because it doesn't work. Anyone have any ideas on what else I have to do to make it work?


I am assuming the OS 9 computer is the host, and you are using OS X to connect to it. You should not need to turn on file sharing "both directions". Treat one as a Server, and the other as a Client.

On the OS 9 Mac:
* Did you go to the Appletalk control panel, and tell it to use the Ethernet port? Usually, it defaults to the printer port.

* Did you give the Mac a name in the Filesharing Control panel?

* Did you enable the particular Drive for file sharing? Do a Get Info on the hard drive or the folder that you want to share, and make sure that it is enabled.

On the OS X Mac
* Are you typing in an IP number, or using an Appletalk protocol connect?

If I had to put money on where the problem is, I bet in the Appletalk control panel, it is on the printer port.