I was just wondering.... I had this .mac free trail and now I just purchased a one year membership. According to my .Mac account I now have a gigabyte of space and a membership until May 2008.

But when I publish my iWeb page, I still get the message that my membership expires in 8 days. Does it take some time before iWeb gets the info that I upgraded?

Also, I didn't get any email in my inbox about purchasing a membership. You know, usually you get these thank-you/confirmation notes.

Did anyone have the same thing? Or is there someone who knows how this goes?


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>I still get the message that my membership expires in 8 days.
It's probably still going off your trial membership. Once that expires, your full membership kicks in. Don't quote me on that, though.

In any case, iWeb simply shares your .Mac storage with Mail and all your other iLife applications. If the account expires, none of your programs will be able to use it, in which case you would have to fire off an email to Apple's support service.

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