Things that drive me insane: the start menu is not there, the windows button brings you to the apps. It is hard to get the pop out menu to appear to shut down or change settings unless using the Internet where it won't stop popping in terminate the app, etc.

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I have talked to quite a few "average Joe" computer users that are really struggling with the adaption to Windows 8. Many of these users haven't had these types of issues since XP->Vista.


Things that drive me insane: the start menu is not there, the windows button brings you to the apps. .

yeah that what was in the old start menu pluss a few other things ,that you can now get to by right clicking on the start icon that pops up in the lower left corner .different but not so hard .

It is hard to get the pop out menu to appear to shut down ,and for the other settings .just go to the start screen and start typing in settings ,and see what you will find .

i fixed the shutdown by adding it to the desktop right click options .

OH yeah and i know you only poster to add the link in your post ,but hey maybe someone else will be able to use from my suggestions


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Steve Ballmer will be quitting his Job at Microsoft, during his presence, no Operating System for PC's ever was able to match or even surpass the performance the legendary Win XP, wich has been developed before his Start as MS-CEO.

Windows8 could possibly have been a great success, but MS forgot to add an option to make Win8's Desktop to look like the XP/2K face to thos uncountable amount of users familiar with the old and understandable Windows Face. I would only hope, Microsoft will understand this Problem and they will act accordingly, otherwise, they risk to loose, on the long term, huge amounts of existing and future PC-operating Customers.

Small things can sometimes have great Effects. By ignoring Customer Habit's, one can loose them for good...


Windows 8 could have been a great OS except Microsoft decided to spit in the face of everyone who uses a non-touch computer.

Do you recall the commercials from many years ago with Bill Cosby telling us that no matter how much we liked the taste of Coke, we were going to like the New Coke better? Do you recall how that worked out? That's the problem when the creator of a product tells us what we like instead of going to the trouble of finding out what we like. And please don't quote me that tired old "they would have told me they wanted a faster horse" nonsense from Henry Ford.

It might have been a good idea to survey a large number of Windows users (and not just ones hand-picked to generate the results you want) and tell them "we're thinking of getting rid of the Start Button and forcing you to run certain apps in full screen only. Also, we're going to take every opportunity to dump you back into something called Metro. What is your opinion on that?".

Years ago, Dave Barry wrote a Windows related column where he mentioned Microsoft's tendency to push their own products with pop-ups like You have pressed the space bar. Do you want to make Internet Explorer your default browser?" That's my understanding of what they were doing with Metro.


Windows 8 is the least useful operating system I ever used. MS-Dos beats it in usefulness.

What I can do in one mouse click in XP takes up to 30 seconds to accomplish in 8. No thankls It is the biggest timewaster ever.


Windows in a nutshell:

With XP, you can get your work done quickly. It seldom gets in your way.

With anything later, the operating system hinders you by making you wait or click multiply. These operating systems are big timewasters.

I never intend to own a laptop, tabglet, or smartphone. Why? I hate battery powered stuff that always quits on you when you are busy, and totally fails within a year. So why must I be saddled with operating systems designed for stupidphones? I want efficiency, not featurism.

And give me back the original MSpaint. The new version is designed for the liberal arts artist, not the guy who needs technical drawings. It is useless.

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I never intend to own a laptop

I believe they were designed for people on-the-go, not for people who have constant power supply. But IMO I agree with you, and they are also more expensive then desktop PCs.

And give me back the original MSpaint.

Yes, and the original version of MS Office. I hate that new menu strip across the top which many programs are duplicating today. Very confusing.

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I hate that new menu strip across the top which many programs are duplicating today. Very confusing.

Ribbons are universally hated by every IT department I've worked with (not an insignificant number). It's pandering to the dummy market and throwing power users under the bus.

I actually like the new Paint though. It's a nice happy medium between the bitmap editor it used to be and a fully featured package like GIMP.

What really bothers me is the current Windows Calculator. I hate switching between Programmer and Scientific mode because the former doesn't allow floating point and the latter doesn't allow alternate bases yet I use both on the regular.


I use windows 8.It awesome.new features are added to the windows 8.I enjoy it very much.

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i have a msdn acct ,so i have access to win8.1 new early release, just the other day,installed it onm y 8.1 prieview harddrive .played with it a bit but ,it wiped out all 3rd party apps on the full install ,and windows live mail is considered a 3rd party app .so i hade to put my orignal win8 harddrive back in the tower,so didn't have much time to look at it . will put hardrive back in when i have the time

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Generally when someone has that strong an opinion it is usually followed by reasons why they think it is so "awesome". I'd like to hear why, for example, you think it is so much better than Windows 7.


Microsoft have been chasing Apple since the days of the GEM desktop oh the dark days when DOS2 3ish was around Hahaha They still haven't got it the absurd rotating ring being another stab at it, I could be very crude about that cursor pointer it being ring... IBM Warp well that was nice.... As for Windows 8ate, touchy feely people love it only. The decription of it being a cross between a fridge and and oven suits. It Won't preserve your sanity, not cool enough, produces half baked results, not hot enough, and is luke warm at best.

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It is only in the tablet end that they excel and it turns out that the value reveived in an iPad is illusory too. I have an iPad and the device is usless for real work other than browsing and surfing. Yeah sales guys are carrying them around but all they are used for is checking inventory or order status. Windows 8 is totally compatible with the dominant computer operating system Windows 7.

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