i noticed a few weeks ago that my windows xp is taking 5-15 minutes to load to the login page.. if i try going into safe mode it just freezes and wont load..
any help on this would be great
i also hav removed some unnesisary files from my start up and hasnt helped :sad:

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Unless you have a lot of files that are irreplacable. I would just say re-format.

But how does it run once you get into windows? Still slow or semi normal speeds?

it runs great when i log in like it always has
its just when i hav to restart or if i shut it down
and i havnet seen much on this before so im not to sure

There are a few things you can do to improve boot performance and OS load times. Reboot the system between each step.

  • Turn off unused devices in the Device Manager (Control Panel, System, Hardware, Device Manager). Find devices that you may not use, such as modems or card readers, right-click them and select Disable. Make sure that you can disable the device or you may lose access to key components.
  • Fix any potential problems with core Windows files. Do this by running "sfc /scannow"
  • Fix disk errors. Right-click your main drive, select Properties, select Tools, click "Check Now...", select both "Automatically fix file system errors" and "Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors", and click Start. It may ask you a question about scheduling the process to occur at the next reboot. If it does, accept the scheduling and reboot your system to perform the scan.
  • Run Microsoft Bootvis. You can find information about Bootvis here. Bootvis allows you to explicitly tell Windows to optimize the boot process.

Let me know if this improves performance for you.

chrisbliss18 is stalking me. LoL, Great to have someone around that seems to be quicker at replying than me.

And I was looking for Bootvis but I couldn't remember the name. I was searching for bootopt for boot optimising. Thanks.

Hope this helps you out megadeth_666_

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