I have a dell laptop a little older version and it runs windows 98

when i turn on the lap top i recieve this error message.

" This programhas performed an illegal operation and will be shut down. If the problem persists contact the program vendor. Explorer casued an invalid page fault in module explorer. exe at 017f:00401f3."

after i close this message nothing loads on the screen i see no icons not even the start menu in the bottom left corner, all i see is the desktop image and i am unable to do anything, all i can do is press alt ctrl delete and shut down the cpu.

Plz help me fix this.

Have you booted in Safe mode ? If so what happens ?


I m not sure but a similar thing happened i tried a lot of things but no ... use ultimately had to format the pc.

reinstall operating system or visit nearest technician

Explorer casued an invalid page fault in module explorer. exe at 017f:00401f3."usually indicates a problem with 2 or more programs running into each other in memory /ram,you may have some bad ram or not enough ram ,or it could be something else all together.some time you can try doing system file checker in run ,type in SFC in run ,hit enter

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