I am using windows 2000 , I am not able to access the net although the IP is right and it is pinging from my machine , but from another system it is giving time out.

How can i solve this problem.

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We really need a full description of your problem. I can't understand whether it's the machine you can ping from that's the problem or the other machine.

We need to know your PC details, the modem, the router and so on. Full details of everything seeing that we're probably thousands of miles away from what you can see right in front of you.


It might not be the problem with ur IP adress, it could be you modem or router. Have you tried the most simple cure for these things such as switching it off for a few minutes and back on again. Then again we would need to have a detailed description of your problem in order to help you out mate.

Help us to help you out.



since our telepathic abilities are down right now, I will humbly ask you to present us with ipconfig /all from both workstations

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