I didnt Put this in spyware, or viruses because i dont think it is. I run a hand ful of different scans each night. Latly its been picking this up, saying to delete it but the thing is it wont let me. So i over looked my active process's, but with no anwser. Yet again i could be wrong.
P.S. i have googlesd ant found nothing. So maybe its not a nastie, but im just curious.

I don't know what it is either, but if it's a .tmp it shouldn't be important. Did you try deleting it in Safe Mode?

That was my next option. If it was malious. I must be heading to school, so ill have to do it later today. Thank you for your reply.

p.s. i know its a temp but they still scare me (=

I delete all my .tmp's about once a week (search for *.tmp).

I do have a handful of tmp file remover's. Thank you for your consideration.

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