I have just recently tossed together another computer with some spare parts, but when I try to Install Win XP on my hard drive it will not format the drive for me to install on, it says my drive is corrupt.

So I put the drive in my main computer and formatted it from there, and then put it back in my 2nd computer, tried Win XP install again, everything seems to be smooth until it starts to install files then it comes up with my hard drive is corrupt and setup cannot continue.

I've tried 3 different hard drives and all come up the same, yet I can insert them into my main computer and copy files to them freely.

Any ideas on how to fix this much anoying problem would be greatly appreciated

have you tried another copy of XP.

No I havent, this one has worked well for me on other installs though.

I actually got windows to install finally, and working, until I shut off my computer then after I turned it back on it would hang while loading windows, then it started saying a windows system file is corrupt or missing. And my windows repair console won't do anything about it.

Still no idea's to fix my problem? This computer has been stressing me out for the past week now, I have ran out of idea's as well as everyone else I know.

another harddrive is what i would try ,or as you say you put it in your other computer and formated it ,do that agin but load winxp then jsut to see if it wil linstall on the drive .