Windows (fresh install so I don't know the service pack, it's out of the box)

System (built myself): ASUS K8V SE DELUXE
AMD 64 3400+
1 Gig of Crucial PC3200 RAM
Western Digital 39gig Raptor SATA drive
Western Digital 160gig SATA drive (not raptor)
Sapphire Radeon 9800 Pro

My problem is that I have hooked up both HDDs up to the correct SATA ports, I believe, to not use the RAID function. I want to install Windows XP home on my Raptor drive and use the other drive for random files. When I attempt to install Windows it says that it cannot see/recognize any HHDs and that I may need to install manufacturer-supplied software and it says I cannot proceed. I also looked in my BIOS and it only lists anything about HDDs under Boot Devices and it does not list them by name (VIA V6420 1st Hard Drive, " " 2nd Hard Drive), so maybe BIOS doesn't even recognize my HDDs. I am really lost on what to do because I've tried resetting my BIOS (I don't know if it worked) by switching the jumper and also tried to upgrade my BIOS to a higher version (once again I don't know if it worked because it would tell me to remove any media from the floppy disk drive or the cd-rom drive and continue).

Any help would be appreciated.

since this is my first post, how is everyone?

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You need to load the sata drivers during the install. Find the CD that came with your motherboard and copy the sata drivers from there to a floppy. During the install process you'll be prompted to press F6 to load 3rd party drivers. Just press f6, put in the floppy and setup should find your drives.

Yup...Im agree with u...You need to copy system disk first because you boot from the cd and windows not recognise sata hdd.The installation same as ide hdd installation......Just add the system disk for sata on your floppy disk...

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