I cannot open IE. I continue to get a pop up that says; Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Buffer Overrun Detected C:\program files\internet explorer\Iexplorer.exe. I can get on line through AOL, but the window come up periodically. I have ran a deep scan with my anti-virus program, scanned with Ad-aware, Spy Bot Search and Destroy, Hi-Jack This. I tried to do a system scan disk, but it won't work it tries several times then a pop up says that it has tried but is not working etc. Don't know where to go from here as I'm not that computer savvy. Can anyone help???????????????????

That error can definitely be indicative of a spyware/virus infection; please start a new thread in our Security forum stating the full and exact text of the error as well as the contents of the logfile generated by HijackThis. Do not post your log in this thread; HJT logs belong only in the Security forum!

Before running HJT, make sure you are not running it from any Temp/Temporary Internet folder or directly from your desktop. Instead, create a separate folder for HJT such as C:\HijackThis or C:\Spyware Tools\HijackThis, move HJT to that folder and run it from there. Also make absolutely certain that Internet Explorer is completely closed before doing the scan. HJT is currently at version 1.98.2; make sure you have that version.


I sufered the same problem, and it was caused by the MSN Toolbar, I instaled MSN Messenger 6.2 , and I selected to install that toolbar, after two days, mi Iexplorer beguns to give me that error when I tried to open it.

After searching in diferent forums, I used Hijack This to delete de registry entries of that toolbar and I solved the problem. Adaware didnĀ“t detected it.

If you have installed the this or any other toolbar lately, try this.

I received the same error on IE myself, Visaul c++ buffer overrun detecetd; I just remembered then i'd installed browster, it's a nice idea for a program(worked well till i rebooted my machine and started getting this error) But a straight uninstall of browster was all it took to solve the problem.