Hi All; I'm currently using NETSCAPE 7.2 and I recently read an article stating that there will no longer be any further development for the product. However the NETSCAPE browser will still continue to function provided the underlying internet structure more or less stays the same. To this end, I’ve been looking around for a new Browser with a built in Email Client Server. I was directed to a one called SEAMONKEY that has the Email Client Server feature and uses the same files as NETSCAPE 7.2

My Question is what are the communities thoughts about SEAMONKEY 1.1.7. I’m currently just playing around with it for the moment before I decide to make it my main browser and so far, I have to admit it’s a nice browser and seems to render pages faster then Netscape in a lot of cases. As I was told, once I switch over going back to NETSCAPE may be harmful to your browsers health due to subtle underlying differences. Before I make it my main browser I would make a copy of the PROFILE folder just incase I have to switch back and I realize that I would take a hit on losing some stuff if I do.


yeah, firefox or seamonkey are derived from netscape. Firefox is strictly a browser whereas seamonkey does email, web page creation etc.... like netscape did.

firefox is a very popular browser for windows to replace IE and Seamonkey is used as the internet suite on most Linux distributions.

They are good browsers. Dont know ANYTHING about inporting your old files though

i have been useing SEAMONKEY for sum time now and i enjoy the full fuction of it and the multi pages that can be opened in sep windows in my own thoughts it rocks i all so use netscape7.2 as a back up with all file imported from seamonkey