I have Windows XP SP2 fully up to date. Lately, I've been hearing a sound that sounds like a camera shutter or the click sound used as the default "Start Navigation" sound in Explorer. It is usually two or three clicks in rapid succession. It doesn't seem to be related to anything I'm doing with a foreground application.

How can I identify the program which is generating this sound?

See which applications are running at that time ??

See which applications are running at that time ??

I have many processes running about 72 of which are background processes. I'd like to find a way to identify an application which is producing sounds rather than try to find the problem by the process of elimination.

I've already tried uninstalling a few recently installed applications.

Ok, this may not be of any help whatsoever but, i went through all my system sounds (Control Panel - Sounds and Audio Devices - sounds tab).

Could it be a pop-up problem, which are then blocked, (if you have an always on connection this could be possible).

does this only happen when you are in a browser online?

I would certainly do the same, see what the sound related to, it is logical it would be the problem, (ie on mine it would be IE, or Popups).

I would do a full spyware and AntiVirus sweep if I were you.

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