Hi guys,
I really messed it up now! Flashed BIOS. Now i can't power computer up cause it keeps on saying that "the NB tachometer fan is very slow". Now my motherboard manufacturer told me that I have to clear comms. An how do I do that?
Thank you for your help!

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What motherboard do you have? What bios version did you try and flash it with? Where did you get the file? and how did you flash it? Also can you still get into your bios.

Please answer these first but something to try if your confident. If you can go to hardware monitor then select cpu fan then click ignore (only select this if you know the fan is turning quickly enough to cool your pc/ latpop) Does this enable it to boot? Also what did the manufactures say in full because the statement they said doesnt make much sense in the context you have used.


Problem SOLVED!
Tachometer wire on the connector was loose. I crimped it back in and it runs like a new born!
Thank you!

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