This post refers to my machine at work. It's on a network of several thousand machines.

I've set rules to move incoming email into other folders. Out of a dozen rules, only two run automatically. When I created each of the ones that won't run automatically, at the end of creating them, a pop-up box showed that said "This rule will be client only".

How can I make ALL of my rules run automatically as the email comes in?

Currently, it stacks in my Inbox until I run the rules manually.

Thanks for any help.

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Do you have more than one account on your computer? For instance an exchange account and a pop3 account together?


No, I only have one Exchange Server acct.

I do access two mailboxes via this same acct tho'.


i've just been trying to emulate this on my system - i have several mailboxes on exchange - and have had the same problem in the past. This has generally been caused by adding actions which cannot be done at server level, for instance playing a sound.

Outlook does generally notify you by appending 'and on this machine only' to the rule.

hope this helps...


None of the rules I've used have sounds in them. They are simple "Move to folder" rules.

Each has "Client Only" next to it, but not the "On this machine only".

The two that work look no different than those that don't.

I'm stumped.


Well, I figured it out.

I had "Mark as read" selected after the move to a folder. To do this, apparently the rule can only reside on the client side.

After I modified the rules and removed the "Mark as read" part, they process automatically as I wanted.

I hope this helps someone else.

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