This is my first post, TIA.

I keep trying to partition my new 120 Gb Western Digital with two partitions, c: & d: (using Windows XP recovery console), but when I go to format the second partition it names it f:. What can I do to get the second partition to be named d:? (The CDRW is showing up as d: and the DVDROM is showing up as e:? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

If you have the cdrom slaved to the hard drive try this ,.maybe if you make the cdrom master and slave the dvd on the secondairy ide chanel it will name the 2nd partition d:\

I have the Harddrive on IDE1 alone and the CDRW as master and DVD as slave on IDE2.

Thought that would work ,I have a 30 gig 2 partitions and setup and the 2 nd partition is D and the two cdroms are e: and F:

Since you are using XP, you can also assign the drive letters yourself.

At Control Panel, select Administrative Tools, then Computer Management, and then on Disk Management.

At this screen, you can right-click on the drives and select "Change Drive Letters and Paths..."


just curious, why is the letter name so important to you?

my drives are named c and f, and my cd rom drives d and e... i don't mind..

just curiosity i guess..