Hi All
in windows 2000, if you open the 'my network places' folder and nav' to the list of computers, you can display them by name or by comment. does anyone know how to add these comments to the computers. my aim is to be able to arange the computers by users, win servers, linux servers etc.

any ideas?


Go to MY Computer >Properties> then there is a box near the top that says computer description. You can just delete the description that is there, which by default would be the computer name if you did not enter anything different when you set up the computer originally.

thanks sue,
unfortuneatly your solution is for windows 98, i think, but i am running all win 2000 clients.

thanks again


Ok on W2K you go to computer management in the Administration Tools section of the start menu. At the top of the tree, right click on Computer Management (Local) and go to Properties. Go to the network identification tab and enter your description in the box. This is done on the local computer that you want to add a description about.