First of all hello :) Found this forum whilst browsing around, looks friendly enough 8)

I run XP Pro, Ie6 (SP1). FOr about a week i cannot access web bsed email accounts and certain pages wont laod properly, in yahoo for instance the inbox loads but try and open a message and iI get page cannot be displayed. My NTL box will open the messages but will not send them. Ive searched around and almost every forum has someone withthe same problem, my office has 4 all withthe same problem!

Ive registered all the dll files, checked security settings, and checked the crypto svc (net start cryptosvc) all to no avail. There are hundreds of solutions posted but none seem to work. The one denominating factor is that everyone has recently updated ie6 either manually or with auto update.. A Bill gates problem i tihnk... any ideas mroe than welcome !!!!!!

My first intuition would be that perhaps you're behind some form of router or firewall? There's another thread located [thread]638[/thread]that seems to be related to this.

You said that quite a few others in your office are experiencing the same problem? It's possible you're all behind the same firewall?? Do you have any programs such as Norton Personal Firewall installed? or McAfee Firewall?

Another idea is that this is related to cookies. It seems that the way you say you cannot access web based email accounts, etc. these are sites that store personal information in the form of cookies to keep you logged into their website. Check your Internet Explorer preferences - they may have been reset when you upgraded. Also check your Internet Explorer security settings, also in the Preferences menu.

Hope some of this gives you some ideas! Good luck.