Dear Community,

I am pretty frustrated. I downloaded "bit defender" a week ago to delete a fake virus protection virus that I believed was a microsoft product: "spycrush" and a bunch of "spy" addendums.

Well, I ran the bit defender and it said it couldn't move the virus. I send questions to tech support and they told me to go into my name/local settings/temp file and erase it. This did nothing except make microsoft continually reinstall programs they has working.

I sent bit defender another note and no response. I get strange error messages from programs that used to work perfectly. My Cpu % is now almost always between 70 and 100. Before it was between 0 and 10%. I can not remove the "security toolbar 7.1" from my list of bars. The worst residual effect is there is a blue shield with a question mark inside of it, that flashes into a red x and back, to the left of the arrow on my Task bar. Even if I go to msconfig and turn off everything, the shield shows up. Every minute or so, I get a "notice that my computer has been infected" in a bubble over the shield. If I click on the bubble it takes me to a spycrush home page. If I don't click on it it beeps every minute or so and takes my cursor away from what ever I'm doing.

Oh, and I can not system restore to a point before the program. If anyone can help, I would be very appreciative.


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Hey Will, thats what happens when you really have to view free porn in a hurry!! But heres what you do, download this heavy hip-hop old school software called "Hijack This!" for FREE! I love it! Scan the shit out of your computer and just check every block it gives you (if you arent that brave leave the last code 52 or something!!) then Fixz those buggerz... Voila!or like 30 bucks!
Alternatively buy crap spyware f

I used this, and it worked like a charm! just follow the directions precisely, and you will be surfing the net happily in no time

Remove Spyware and Adware - Trojan-Spy.Win32@mx

It doesn't always wpork like a charm - but there's a methodology that begins with the HJT log and either you decoding it and acting accordingly, or you post in the Spyware section and let the experts guide you through.

The other approach is detailed in my famous post:

which you can do all by yourself but has to be absolutely thorough.

Good luck.

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