Hi there! I'm wondering if anyone can give me a hint on how to print a page on the web site.

I tried to print a web page, here how I did:

Once a web page is opened, I clicked on File and Print.

The problem is, the right side is cut off a little bit. A friend of mine who successfully prints the entire page, he is travelling at the moment.

Any idea. I'm using Win98 and Office 97 (WORD)


What I like to do are two things...

1) Change the printout from portrait to landscape mode. This will print "wide" and will capture the wider websites.

2) Change the print size from 100 percent to something like 80 percent. This will make your text smaller, but again, the goal is to get it all on the same page.


Some further hints:

First thing to check is the web page itself. If you see a "Print this page" or "Printable version" link or button, click on it. That's the best option of all!

Some, but not all web pages can be 'fixed' by dragging the browser window to a narrower size, and then clicking on 'refresh' before printing off.

When all else fails, 'Landscape' mode is best. Choose 'File -> Print' and then click on 'Printer Preferences -> Page Layout' (or whatever is there for your printer) and choose 'Landscape Mode' instead of 'Portrait Mode'. Just make the change and click 'OK' to continue. If yopu click on 'Apply' you'll end up changing the default settings for your printer!

Thanks for Christian & Catweazle for helping me out. You're right using Landscape mode it works.