Hi pals i have this virus that once doubled clicked it disables some features in my start menu such that i cannot run the task manager ,i also cannot access the control panel and when i restart my comp i get a message box with details of somekind of advert or announcement.

it is only when i click on ok then the windows interface appears,i tend to think it is a virus that also attaches itself to windows logon file. please help me out since everytime it infects the comp the only solution i have is to format and reinstall windows xp again

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as i understand u r problem started after a virus detected into u r pc ,i hope u r c drive is nw installed with windows xp, u also said that after formatting c drive u r problem is not solved, but the problems related to virus on a perticular drive should be solved or removed while formatting and reinstalling,so try to format completelly the c drive and install an orginal version of operating system,then one more thing make shure u r boot sequence setings r also currect.


Not sure I completely understood what vigneshvh was trying to tell you - but reading between his commas, he was probably supporting your own conclusion.

Rather than dick around with your PC (you could try an antivirus program such as Spybot and/or AVG which you'll need to download but your PC is in a crap state), you should boot up withthe Windows CD, reformat your hard drive and reinstall Windows.

Then make sure you have both Spybot and AVG protecting you.

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