Hope somebody can help me. I installed MS Office 2007 Home and Student edition on both a new acer laptop running vista home edition and an older Dell laptop running XP Pro. As soon as I did so both computers will no longer recognize my shared printer on my wireless network. I have two wireless networks one at home and one at a business both have differant routers and differant shared printers. Prior to installling Office I had no problem using the printer on either network with either computer. Now both computers cannot find a shared printer but they will access the internet. I even tried uninstalling Office but the the computers still will not see the printers. Unfortunatley for me MS does not suppport an OEM edition of windows, and Acer states that they do not support any software only the hardware on the computer.

W. McArthur

I have found the root cause for this problem and solved it. I am posting this for others who may experience this same problem. Somehow in either the initial installlation or in the subsequent suggested update Office either corrupts or sometimes actually removes "CLIENT FOR MS NETWORKS'. When this occurs some networking functions continue to work while others do not. The fix is to intall/re-install "CLIENT FOR MS NETWORKS".

Thanks for your views.

William McArthur