hi all,
I keep getting booted off line. I have a cable connection and have had no problems in the past.each time it happens i unplug the cable and plug it back in and all is well.
I called the cable company and all checks out at their end and a tech guy will be out in a few days to replace the modem if needed. I just bought a new desk top,Vista OS,,is it a coincidence or might there be some way the pc is responsible for booting me off ?

thank you,,


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does this only happen with the vista pc.

My wife's laptop also,



are u using a direct conn to the cable modem or do u use a router.



If it happens on your wife's laptop too, this might not be it, but can't hurt to give it a shot (you can always undo it)

Open Network and sharing center
(get there by double clicking the network icon on the taskbar, and clicking the appropriate link)

On the left, click manage network connections

Right click the connection to your router, click properties. In the dialog that opens, uncheck IPv6 and check IPv4

Restart the computer.

Vista uses a new IP version (IPv6) that is turned on by default. Older devices and networks do not support it yet (probably your cable company, my ISP doesn't). If the problem still persists, you can turn it back on. XP uses IPv4.

If you do turn it back on, DO NOT uncheck IPv4

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