i have had this problem where the blue screen of death comes up and says DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL or something like that how do i fix that.

This may help. It's a Blue Screen of Death questionnaire.

useless link ,3 basic ?'s then you have to put in your email address to get you evaluation. what a way to get someones email address ,then spam the s-hit out of them .

then it gives this a solution.

Hi jack,
Here are your answers

Question 1: Is Your PC Freezing Up When Norton AntiVirus Loads?

Your Answer: No

Your PC is running like it should! Great!

Question 2: Do You Get A Blue Screen Error When You Boot Up Your Computer?

Your Answer: Yes

Run a full scan to check for any conflicts in your
computer. Corruption of your registry is a possible reason
for the Blue Screen error. http://registrycleanercompare.blogspot.com

Question 3: How Much Random Access Memory Do You Have?

Your Answer: 1 Gigabyte

Great! This is the optimum amount of RAM you should have.

This may help. It's a Blue Screen of Death questionnaire.

further investigation i find you can just make up a email address and it will give you answer ,but its just bull,with links to programs you have to buy to help fix your problem

What happens if you have over 1Gb of RAM, i use 2Gb and used to get BSOD's , but it was nothing to do with Norts, it was due to some little piece of software. Speedbit are not good for playing games!

Install the new system is best .

i have a windown xp 1 gb and it has that blue screen problem can some one help me with it add me on msn mskira2@live.ca

You have hijacked an old thread, if what I tell you here will not work or you do not want to try it, open a new thread of your own.

If you can use the PC you used to post this, use your copy of XP, download Bart PE from

Then make a boot CD/s from your XP disk.

Boot your PC with this disk and follow the instructions.

This will not fix everything on every PC but it may help you here. They will also be good to have in the future for when windows plays up again and again.

does anyone know how to bypass the blue screen on a lap top using windows xp. I installed a camera disk the blue screen has appeared and the system won't won't let me uninstall the disk or do anything - I've tried rebooting, going to control panel, opening it in a safe mode, trying to seewhether it would remember things before the disk was installed all to no avail.

I used to encounter this BSOD problem several times before, and the best guide I've come across so far is found here. <snip>

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