I have an IBM Net aptiva, Windows 2000 Pro., Internet Explorer 6 SP1, running Java 2 run-time environment. My problem is like many that I've been reading through the postings. On certain websites when I click on the links nothing happens.

I've been reading through the postings and tried all of the solutions and none of them are working. Things I've tried: reinstalling Java, reinstalling IE 6, removing any and all spyware, resetting IE back to defaults, clearing the cache, downloading all critical updates from Microsoft, downloading windows script host (as suggested), and nothing is working. The real twist of it all is if I hold down the 'Ctrl' key and click on the link at the same time, it works.

There are no software applications that are blocking pop ups or anything of the sort. I'm at a total loss. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the help in advance.

What websites did you try? I could do a bit of testing for you to see if it's a problem at your end or whether it's to do with the websites themselves

It could just be that there's what's called a 'broken link' on a site, which is a link to something which either no longer or didn't ever exist.

If this happens a lot then it might not be that. You might want to try installing a second browser such as Mozilla Firefox.