This is a small problem but its these things that really grip me. On the main desktop on XP my icons have the old fashioned coloured box around the writing, unlike the white writing with the transparent background that it should look like.

I hope you know what im on about :lol: im not crazy

Good luck

I think you mean the blue backround to the title i have that too it happend when i was doing tech support trough microsoft.

So i guess there aint really many options. Either live with it, or reinstall xp. Oh well. If any1 has any ideas please post.


i think it was a combo of keys but know way for me to tell i got used to it

some new news i found out how to change the color of that blue look just ask and ill tell you how

Thank you, please tell me

Guessing you have windows xp. Click the start menu then. Then click control pannel. After that click appearance and themes. Then click display under the section title that says "or pick a control panel icon". Then click the apperence tab. Then choose advance. Go to the drop down menu and click desktop and you will be able to change the color not remove the outline.

Thank you very much for your help Magic. All i have is one more question. I now know how to change that colour, but is there anyway to make that so you can just see the writing, not the box around the icon writing. Basically the default XP way, not the way it was in 95, 98 and ME.

im working on it ill post how if and when i find out!

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