I have Windows XP and my precocious teenagers downloaded KaZaA along with all their spyware. My problem is this; now when they try to access INternet Explorer, instead of getting the home page (google) they get this:


There is no way to get IE to change from this and it suddenly opens about 66 windows before XP shuts it down.

I have tried downloading several patches with no help.

Any ideas?

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I have already downloaded Ad-aware and Spybot Search & Destroy to no avail.

I'm afraid I may have to reinstall IE 6.


have you just tried reseting the home page?
right click on your IE icon and click on properties first thing that should popup is a home page settin :)

or go to C:\WINDOWS\eeiecrgrststvst.htm

and delete that file, or i can suggest opening it, and editing it, just delete everything inside of the .htm and hit save


I downloaded Hijack This and kKaZaABGONE and deleted the C:\WINDOWS\eeiecrgrststvst.htm file.

Now all I get is "Cannot find server" and "Page cannot be displayed".

I have no doubt that my IE is clean as a whistle but I can't figure out why I can't get it to find the server!

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