Okay i been having a problem with my computer and I was wondering if anyone ever went thru this and could probably help me out

I got XP and i have other users on my computer and their sound seem to be working except mines. I can listen to limewire music but no youtube nor myspace. I was thinking maybe a plug in that i must have missed but dont really know much about it.

Help anyone

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i checked it and it seems fine, its on high.

I pulled up the sounds,speech, and audio and clicked on sounds and devices it doesnt seem to show a audio device. I can hear limewire and my speakers are working. Other then that i have a problem


click the drop down arrow and choose a audio device. if thats not selected the system will not where to play your sound through


thanks to all for the help

i clicked down and choose my audio

it seems that someone messed with it and clicked no audio

THANKS a bunch


ohh sorry for not being clear. You go to contro panel and click on sounds, speech, and audio devices. From there you click on sound and audio devices once again. A new window should appear and then simply click on the tab:Audio. The very first thing after you click on it should read Default device and scroll on the sound card you want to use. I had modem line playback when it should of been Sigma tel audio by dell.

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