I am a Windows XP Professional SP2 user. My computer ran really fast before. Then I decided to reformat my system, backing up my files in the second partition and started a fresh OS install. After I have installed all necessary device drivers and restoring my previously installed programs, my computer has gone slow. Whenever I start XP, it is pretty fast. After a few minutes, programs began to respond really slow. Then after, after a few minutes, everything went back to normal. This event happens again and again every after a few minutes and whenever I start XP. I do not think it is because of virus and/or spyware infections because it is a freshly installed OS. And my computer has been clean of viruses and spyware ever since my previous system. Please help...

Its a driver issue.

When you reinstall the OS windows uses the standard windows drivers for everything. Go grab the newest ones from the individual manucturers sites. Most important are the graphics card and motherboard (chipset) drivers.

After getting the drivers, check Microsoft update for OS patches.

I appreciate your suggestion. You may be right in most cases. But I never experienced this kind of system slowdown before after reinstalling my OS. Do you have any other ideas? Thank you so much for the help..

Perhaps the reinstall has left many of the new files fragmented? And/or the install left some junk files on your computer? Try a disk defragment and disk cleanup. (Also, for added cleaning, try Ccleaner www.ccleaner.com It'll fix your registry and clean up junk files)

Start>All programs>Accessories>System Tools>Disk Defragment
" > " > " > " >Disk Cleanup

Other than that, the drivers sound like a likely culprit. Post back if you need help!

Good luck,

--The Comodore

May I ask what could be the problem of my drivers? The previous installation works really fine with my drivers.. I always defrag my hard drive and clean junk files using CCleaner and windows cleanup. One more question... Why is that the other accounts (limited accounts) besides my account in my PC or laptop behaves slower than my accounts? Again, thanks for the help..