I recently removed the 'hp center' from my hp pavilion 8984, however it seems to also have erased all the 'hp tool' links from my startup menu. Thus i cannot access application recovery or system recovery. HP want nothing to do with this as the warranty has expired. Just wondering whether anyone can shoot me off their hp tools folder or type out the links for me.

Many thanks,

Michael :o

Well, I can't do any of what you actually requested, but if no one sends you that information, you can try this:


It's a restoration program that is free and worked well for me. Keep in mind, the more you use your computer (at least the drive that information was on), the less likely you will be able to recover the files or, they may become corrupted.

Thanks for your assistance,

I have already tried a undelete program, it failed to find anything (i was running KAZAA at the time so it over wrote any space that was free).

I don't want to do a 'system recovery' just to recover a couple of links. I have tried to search for some sort of access to the HP Partition but it is apparently encrypted and almost impossible to access.