its never done this before, but when xp loads completely up after a reboot/start up all my statbar icons come up desk top fully loaded, suddenly my floppy drive kicks on.. then quits, never done this before, ive scanned for virus,....

Have you added any new software lately? It sounds like something loading in the background might be doing a quick disk scan.

i dont remember loading anything, since it has started, but i will try shutting down each start up icon, and find out.. .thanikz

If that doesn't work, try emptying any program/system cache folders. I've run across instances where the fact that you recently accessed a file on a floppy gets "remembered" by a program or even by the OS, and because of that your floppy drive gets checked to see if the file is still available. I remember that I used to have occasions where I'd fired up Word and the "Please insert a disk into drive A:" dialog window poped up right as the program was finishing loading. It turned out to be caused by the fact that in those instances I had worked on a document that was stored on floppy, and that document was still listed in Word's cache of recently-used files.